Jane is a designer. she is great at capturing her clients vision and turning it into its visual manifestation. Jane, however, is not a developer. She cannot write code. 10 years ago, Jane would not be able to produce a working website for her clients without the participation of a (costly) developer. Today, she can. Thanks to the no-code movement, there are a myriad of tools and services that enable designers like Jane or even business owners to create their own websites. No coding is required.

No-code systems, as applied to web and app development, rely mostly on two principles:

If you are like me, you probably had the experience of going over code you wrote a few months ago and not understanding a single line. I know it happened to me numerous times. Contrary to that, if I will read this write-up 10 years from now, I will still understand its meaning (although I might think I was naive and ignorant writing it). The reason is obvious, this piece of text is written in plain English, not a programming language like Javascript or (lo and behold) C++. Even experienced programmers understand natural language better.

What’s Wrong with Programming Languages?

It’s pretty obvious that even…

Twitter is a great tool for creating social presence. However, using the twitter app GUI for batch operations is tedious and time consuming. APIs makes it possible to write programs that manipulate data in batch. . The dstwitter module is a dstools extension that makes it easy to execute the twitter API on a collection of data elements such as twitter users or tweets. It relies heavily on the method chaining pattern, similarly to jQuery. In this tutorial we will show how to:

  • Get a list of followers and friends (friends are users you follow)
  • Show a report with followers…

Wine is a great part of my life. My family owns a winery for over 170 years. My main income is from the wine business. You can say wine flows in my veins. So when I was looking for interesting data sets to demonstrate data science using JavaScript and I stumbled upon the wine magazine data set, I latched onto it.

My goal in these posts is to demonstrate using Javascript for data science. In my previous post I showed how to use Jupyter notebooks in Javascript, generating visualizations and analyzing data. In this post I will focus on textual…

I love Javascript. I think it is a great programming language. It is a versatile, constantly evolving, ever growing language. It is practically the only language that runs both on the client and server. NPM, node’s packaging system, is great. For many, Javascript is their first (and sometimes only) programming language. But when it comes to data science, it is all about Python (or R). While Python is a great programming language, I don’t see any reason Python should be more suitable for data science than Javascript. They are both interpreted, non-typed programming languages. They both can wrap around C…

Elchanan Shor

No-Code, Data Science, NLP, Wine

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